Learn ballet like Angelina Ballerina!

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About Angelina Ballerina

Angelina is an imaginative, clever, determined little mouseling who is passionate about dancing and life. Both on and off stage, 8-year-old Angelina is a feisty spirit bursting with energy. She is constantly plié-ing, pirouetting and jeté-ing with exuberance!

Angelina Ballerina Academy

Our Angelina Ballerina Academy teachers understand the importance of nurturing and inspiring young children to explore their creativity through age appropriate movement and classical ballet.  Our young dancers are guided by experienced and qualified dance teachers who facilitate discovery and learning within our carefully researched and developed curriculum.  Our program provides opportunities to foster friendships, and create memorable experiences which last a lifetime.

While she sometimes has the tendency to be unfocused about anything that does not involve dance, Angelina’s talent and determination ultimately allow her to persevere – and be the star of the show. Angelina twirls, skips, and leaps through life, dreaming of dancing like a real ballet star. Anything can trigger one of her vivid daydreams, in which she usually imagines herself in an important performance.

This little mouseling has HUGE emotions – Angelina can feel envious of little sister Polly, ecstatic about dancing on stage with her best friend Alice and tearful about forgetting her book bag — all in one morning! Angelina’s dreams don’t always go according to plan, but luckily there are positive lessons to learn along the way and when Angelina makes a mistake she’s quick to apologize and try to make amends. She is sympathetic, and if she makes a mess she’ll help clean it up – unless she’s so busy dancing she doesn’t notice!

For more information about Angelina visit www.angelinaballerina.com

To enrol for the Angelina Ballerina classes available at either Kew School of Dance or Elwood School of Dance, just head to kewschoolofdance.com or elwoodschoolofdance.com. We hope to see you soon!