About Us

Our Angelina Ballerina Academy pre school ballet program provides an educational, structured, fun and enjoyable ballet class for young children aged 3 – 5 years.  Our experienced teachers will nurture your little dancer and gently guide them to participate and experience the magic of dance in each class.

Your child will learn ballet technique in a creative, caring and fun way. Classes include some Angelina themed activities and incentives, as well as all the traditional elements of ballet class. Students will be able to earn ‘little stars’ stickers and rewards for great dancing and ballerina-like behaviour. Your dancer may even meet Angelina herself, right here at our studio! She usually visits us once a year!

Each Angelina Ballerina curriculum class is:

    • developmentally appropriate for young dancers
    • conducted in a safe environment for young dancers to explore their creativity
    • progressive in content so that each dancer learns a range of important skills over time

The teachers understand that every child develops at a different rate and that the period between 0-7 years is critical for cognitive, neural, motor, socio-emotional and language development. Dance is the ideal activity to encourage brain development and the Angelina Ballerina Dance curriculum has been designed to support students’ development during this important time. Positive effects of movement/dance include:

    • increased concentration
    • sustained attention
    • maximised energy levels
    • improved storage and retrieval of information